Saturday Morning Musings

Good morning to all of you, dearest readers. I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to talk about a few things today – there MAY be a teeny tiny rant coming (be warned!!)…

First things first: Per my previous post, I have been trying to be more active lately, to attempt to combat my fatigue issues, and I chose Yoga as my activity. Have any of you been doing yoga with me? Or any other daily activities? I have found that on the days that I have done it I have truly felt more energized! I’ve been doing a 20 minute session with a trainer I found on youtube, and I’ve been feeling pretty good!¬†Originally I was going to stick with once a day, but was inspired to try it twice/day to see how it made me feel…it’s amazing. My morning session is generally around 6am, before I leave for work – it’s made a significant difference to my outlook on the day, and to my physical self. Then I follow along with the same video when I get home from work. The relaxation that comes along with that 2nd round is just fantastic. I don’t talk much about my “muggle” job, as some may call it, but it can be stressful at times. Knowing that when I get home, I have 20 minutes of calm, smooth motions, and deep breathing, really helps me to forget the stresses of the day. I’ve been using #virtualyogaforMPNs to promote the e-vent (see what I did there? lol), so if you do happen to join in, please Tweet, or facebook, or Instagram using the hashtag above, so we know we’re all together!

Now – on to the rant portion. You’ve been warned!!

Lately I have seen an awful lot of “cures” and “homeopathic cancer treatments” being touted by random folk on the internet. Now, please do not misunderstand me. I am all for the benefits of herbs, or essential oils. Note I said BENEFITS, not CURATIVE PROPERTIES…important distinction. There is a lot to be said for mind/body connection – feeling good mentally, can help you feel good physically(See previous paragraph on yoga…). HOWEVER – this does not/should not eliminate one’s need to be followed by one’s physician. ALSO – before beginning any kind of health regimen, you should ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS¬†(Did I say ALWAYS…because ALWAYS!) consult your health care team!!

Now, I know that this is nothing new. Snakeoil salesmen have been around forever. There have always been people out there willing to prey on the desperate, and the sick. What irritates me the most about this, is just how easy it is for these people to spread this misinformation around via social media.

We all know how quick it is to “like” or “share” a post on Facebook. But it takes only slightly longer to do a bit of research and learn about these “cures” before you go splashing them all over someone’s newsfeed. Please, always do your research before sharing anything on the internet. Use your instincts – if it looks “too good to be true” it almost certainly is.

As much as I would love to see a panacea come into our lives, I have to admit – I’m not going to hold my breath on that. I will, however, continue researching, and being as diligent as I am able to learn about my own illness, my treatment options and discuss all of these things with my health care team.

OK, rant over – I feel better having gotten that off my chest. Phew. SO…#virtualyogaforMPNs is happening again this evening 6pm CST (Link to the video I have been using is in the first paragraph of this post), please join me! And please share your experience if you do join! I’d love to hear how it goes!

As always, you are your own best advocate. If you do not stand up for yourself, who will?

Until next time,