The Prodigal Blogger Returns…again

Well…it happened again. I planned on just taking a very short break from writing, and ended up on a 7 month hiatus. I really need to stop doing that. I will again make an effort to be less of a slacker, and try to write on a weekly basis moving forward!

So…originally I had planned for this to be a bit of a rant on the irritating trend of “cures” and “holistic treatments” and things, which do nothing but sucker the desperate, and frightened, who feel they are out of options.

Don’t get me wrong, I still fully intend to write that rant… Just not today. Today is too beautiful a day here to spend writing annoyed words. Did I mention that it is FEBRUARY in the Midwest… and it’s 75 degrees?!? Today is a day for enjoying the weather, and being happy. So… perhaps a quick update, and then some ramblings to ease back into this blogging thing. Sound OK? Great.

So… my last blog was in… July I believe…YIKES. Sorry readers… if there are any of you left… Hopefully you didn’t all give up on me. Let’s see… since July what has been going on in my world… well…I was lucky enough to go to San Diego for the Women and MPNs event hosted by the MPN Advocacy and Education Foundation. The event was extremely informative, and empowering (and I promise to go into deeper detail of the event in my next blog). Ummmm…I decided I no longer wished to be a blonde, and am now a crazy-unnaturally colored-red-head…M and I purchased a new vehicle, we had a lovely holiday season with family, what else…hmmmm…that may be in for the personal life updates at the moment….

Health wise, things are in a bit of stasis. I’m still only on baby Aspirin at this point. My platelets have been bouncing around quite a bit though… not sure how to explain that. I’ve been in the 500Ks, 600Ks, 700Ks. Most recently I went from 530K-750K in the span of a month. The explanation from the hem/onc is refractory effects of the Interferon. I suppose I need to do more research on the Interferon and its lasting effects… because it’s been (I think) about 2 years since I stopped taking it… and I would have thought that I’d stop seeing it’s effects by now. Also… my white count was high the last 2 checks, red count too. Not sure what’s shaking at the moment. As for how I’ve been feeling – about the same as usual. Fatigue is still my worst enemy, I am often so wiped out by the end of the work day that all I want to do is come home and go to bed, but I am fighting those urges. What I need to do is get back into a regular routine of some form of exercise after work… Perhaps that would help me fight the fatigue.

I’m thinking come Monday (2/22) I’ll start doing yoga when I come home again… and I’ll write about it, as a form of accountability. Anyone wish to join me? We could be accountability partners, and help one another through our fatigue slumps! If anyone would like to join my “team” let me know. E-mail me at, and we can start an activity blog for one another!

That’s all I’ve got to ramble about for now, I’ll be back soon to update you on the yoga-front…

As always, you are your own best advocate. If you do not stand up for yourself, who will?

Until next time,