Super Cool Exciting News/Shameless Plug

So, I found out Wednesday that I have been nominated for an award from Then I found out today that I have been nominated for the Best in Show: Blog award, AND also now the Hilarious Health Activist Award!!! Holy Cow!

I am so unbelievably flattered to be nominated! It is so humbling to know that my blog has touched people enough to warrant this nomination. Thank you so much!

Now for the shameless plug part – It would mean an awful lot to me if you might consider endorsing me for either or both awards, whatever your heart desires 🙂 If you will just follow this link, look for me (linampn) and click endorse, I would greatly appreciate it!

Than you all so very much!

I’ll be posting again very shortly (not another plug, I promise!)

Until next time, be strong, be assertive,