Tis the season…

Tis the season to be siiiick, fa la la la la, la la la la.

So…after 3 weeks of what I thought was just a nasty cold, I finally went (after some mild guilting from my coworkers and family) to see my GP. Turns out I actually had walking pneumonia.  Hence the recent blog-slacking. I should have known better. I should have gone to the doctor when it started, but instead I decided to be stubborn and assume it would go away.

Luckily it’s on its way out now, and hopefully it will stay gone this time 🙂

I fully intend to write an MPN related article this coming weekend, so please stay tuned!

Also, (even though I may not have earned it recently, given my slacking…) please consider endorsing my nominations from WEGO Health! http://awards.wegohealth.com/nominees/linampn-959

Until this weekend,



Giving Tuesday

Tomorrow is #givingtuesday! 

Please consider joining (sort of…) the MPN Research Foundation on Tuesday for a unique fundraising opportunity! Rather than hosting a large event, The MPN Research Foundation is offering you the chance to stay in and support MPN Research from the comfort of home!  

What makes this even more exciting, is that if $5,000.00 is raised during #givingtuesday, an anonymous donor will be matching the contributions!

Tickets are $50 for one or $250 for tables of 6. For more information visit: http://www.mpnresearchfoundation.org/Giving-Tuesday+1#sthash.4AjqZCUC.dpuf

Until next time,