Blood Cancer Awareness Post 12: Myeloma

I would like to take a moment and apologize. Due to circumstances beyond my control, my articles for 9/10-9/12 will be late, and not nearly as thorough as I would like. If possible I will go back and elaborate more later.

Today we’ll be talking about Myeloma. Myeloma is cancer of the plasma cells. Myeloma cells interfere with plasma’s proper functions, which leaves the bod with a weakened immune system, and susceptible to infection. Like with other blood cancers, the multiplication of cancer cells interferes with normal production of other cells. In this case, red and white cells. Also, the kidneys can be damaged from the high amounts of dysfunctional cells in the system. Myeloma cells can also produce substances that destroy bone, which leads to bone pain and breaking. Since the myeloma cells originate in the bone marrow as plasma, the cells sometimes collect in other bones (after passing through the blood stream) and is found in other sites in the marrow. This is where referred to as multiple myeloma.

Tomorrow we will be talking about Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPNs)

Until tomorrow,



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