Failing at life…

So you may or may not have noticed…I disappeared. Again. DANGIT.

I think I need to stop setting unrealistic goals for myself. I always want to post good things here. Informative things, helpful things, useful things. Then I get so frustrated if I can’t think of “quality content” to write, then I rough draft, then I throw it out, then I get frustrated, then I procrastinate, then I get frustrated some more. Then somehow it’s 3 months later again…and I’m going through this cycle of apologizing for my absence. Again.

Yeesh. So…here’s the plan. I’m going to attempt to just do simple, personal updates weekly or bi-weekly, depending on how this goes. I will still go on rants from time to time. And I’m sure I will annoy more people with my dislike of the homeopathic “cures” crowd. (Insert snarky-humorous image here)


(Also…this isn’t mine. I found it on the internet, and it made me LOL. So I couldn’t resist).

I am also plotting for #MPNBCAM16 – be prepared!!

Also…today is day 2 of a nightmarish migraine. (please forgive the rambling) My freaking face was numb for 24 hours. I have basically been unable to human (yay inappropriate noun/verb usage) for 2 days. I am finally getting back to something that vaguely resembles normal.

Also One More Thing!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to nominate your MPN Heroes!! Follow the link below, choose your nominee (caregiver, patient, doctor, volunteer, you name it)! Nominations are due no later than 9/8/16, so you’ll probably see this plug come up throughout the summer!

Please note, I’m not asking for nominations for myself. 1st of all, I’d never do that anyway. 2nd of all, I am ineligible (…more on that later…maybe) I am just super excited about these awards, and really want people to get out there and nominate their Heroes!!!

Nominate Your Hero today!

I’ve said also far too many times in this blog. I blame the migraine.

I’m going to end this here.

As always, you are our own best advocate. If you do not stand up for yourself, who will?

Until next time,



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