Today I’m supposed to be writing about my proudest accomplishment from the last 5 years. This a tough one, because as a blogger I already share a lot about myself with you all. I’ve told you about the NORD Patient Meeting, and the  OVAC event from last summer, I told you when I got married (It will be three years on April 14th! Crazy!).

I guess there isn’t really a whole lot of “Breaking News” at this point – you’ve been with me through a lot! You’ve seen me fight to get to use PegIntron, you suffered through the side effects with me, we’ve learned about treatments together, you’ve listened to me complain about migraines, and about my spleen.

My Breaking News is that – I’ve come to the realization just how much I appreciate my readers! You are extremely important to me. You help me through tough times, you share stories with me, give advice. I cannot begin to express how lucky and thankful I am to have you.

As always, you are your own best advocate. If you do not stand up for yourself, who will?

Up next, #HAWMC Day 6 – Your Hero!

Until next time,



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