#HAWMC Day 2. My Key(s) to happiness.

So…One day into the challenge, and I already failed. Yeesh. That doesn’t bode well for the rest of the challenge…but I’m trying to make up for it now. I will not miss another day!!! So today, I am taking advantage of the beautiful weather, and hanging out on the porch with my writing buddies to catch up on the #HAWMC posts I’ve missed…

(There will be 3 separate posts today.)

#HAWMC Day 2 – My Key(s) To Happiness

This is a tough one. I don’t think that (for me) there is a single “Key” to happiness. But sticking with the “key” metaphor…I have a pretty full key ring of things/people that help me to stay positive, and therefore happy.


My Family. No matter how I’m feeling, spending some time with my family never fails to perk me up. My husband often jokes that in addition to being “solar powered” (more on that later) that I am also “family powered”. That’s pretty accurate. It really is true that I can be practically devoid of energy (spoons) and a phone call from my sister, or spending time with mom and dad will re-energize me, and whatever problems may have been bothering me, just don’t seem as big anymore. This is key number one.

My husband. He is definitely family, don’t get me wrong. But he voluntarily became a part of my family, and made me a part of his. That earns him his own “key”…and also makes me question his sanity at times ;). M is one of my biggest supporters, he encourages me, he loves me at me best and at my worst, he tolerates my occasional rant, and helps me redirect my personal frustrations into my passion for health and patient advocacy. This is key number two.

My faithful writing buddies. At the end of the day, these boys are always at the door to greet me with a wagging tail and slobbery kisses. They don’t hold grudges, they don’t know how. They simply know how to love. As goofy as it sounds, if more people knew how to love like man’s best friend, the world would be a better place. This is key number three.

A good afternoon in the sun. As I alluded to previously, M likes to say that I am solar powered. He may very well be right. Spending a few hours in the sun (with a good sunblock on, of course!) is one of my favorite ways to pass time. Ever seen the movie Wall-e? Picture the scene where he’s using his solar panel to re-charge. That’s me 🙂 This is key number four.

A sense of humor. From the beginning of my diagnosis (well…from the time I decided to take it seriously, anyway…) the best way for me to approach the problems I encountered was with a joke, a smirk, or a laugh. You may have noticed (I hope you’ve noticed…) that a lot of the things I write are a little tongue and cheek. Taking yourself too seriously can be a good recipe for unhappiness. You have to be able to smile. Even if (no, especially if) you’re laughing at yourself. This is key number five.

A good cup of coffee. Don’t laugh. Or do. Whatever makes you happy. (Refer to Key Number Five). Whatever you do, do NOT underestimate the power of a good cup of coffee. This is key number six.

These keys may not be the same as yours, but they certainly help do the trick for me.

As always, you are your own best advocate. If you do not stand up for yourself, who will?

Next up – #HAWMC Day 3. Good Samaritan.

Until Next Time,



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