Out of curiosity

Hello there all 🙂 

Little update and a question…

Update – I’m feeling much better, still icing my backside off and on. Bruised, and sore. But feeling better. Now I’m just starting to stress out about the results of the test. But hopefully they’ll come through soon. I’ll let you know what they are as soon as I hear 🙂

Now for the question: I’m thinking about doing the Video Blog and posting to youtube. I would ask for subjects here, and then record a video and post it to my youtube channel. Would anyone have any interest in that? I would still write here for the most part, but an occasional video post might be interesting. I’ll set up a poll, but please leave a comment with your opinion, and also suggestions for a topic you’d like discussed 🙂

Thanks all!

As always, you are your own best advocate. If you do not take care of yourself, who will?

Until next time,



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