Blood Cancer Awareness Month Summary

First, I would like to apologize. I failed at my goal of daily blogging. I am very disappointed in myself 😦 Not that this is an excuse, but I was traveling, and also feeling pretty sick. M and I were visiting family and friends out of town just over a week. (LOTS of driving, but REALLY worth the trip!)

Second, I would just like to say that I will try over the next couple of weeks to redeem myself! Also, I will be posting weekly from now on. My goal will be to post every Saturday. Subjects will vary, but will almost certainly be MPN focused 🙂 

Third: Does anyone have any suggestions for posts coming up, or critiques of my posts from Blood Cancer Awareness Month?  (other than the fact that I failed at posting every day…) 

Let me know if there’s anything you would like to see here!

Until Saturday,



2 thoughts on “Blood Cancer Awareness Month Summary

  1. Hello Lina.
    First let me say how much I have enjoyed and learned from your posts. I was diagnosed with PV ( with a side of ET!) in 2003. I’ve been on hydrea and aspirin for all these years.
    I had my first phlebotomy in 10 years this spring. I’m scared. How does this disease progress?? Fatigue is my number 1 enemy at this point.
    Keep going Lina. Thank you big time!!!


    • Hey Sandi! Thanks for the comment. I’m so glad my blog has been helpful to you 🙂 My post this weekend will be on disease progression, so hopefully it will be of some use to you 🙂



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