Just Venting a Bit…



This is going to be something of a whiny post…turn back now if you don’t wish to read my griping.


Ok…but don’t say I didn’t warn you…


Yesterday (Wednesday) I had my 7th migraine in 2 months. The pain in my head was severe, as usual, and it started the way it usually does, with the aura and general weird feeling. But this time in addition to the headache/nausea/numbness/auras/sensitivities, I also had EXTREME, all-over body aches. My neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees…you name it hurt. A lot.


I realize pain is subjective, but I have always had a rather high pain tolerance so, the fact that the pain in my muscles and joints brought me to tears is really saying something. I have no idea what caused it, but it scared me. There were no positions that didn’t hurt. I tried a heating pad, didn’t help. I tried a hot bath, didn’t help. I tried ibuprofen, didn’t help. The only time I was not in pain…was when I was asleep. Which, I’ll grant you was a lot of the day yesterday…but I haven’t had that kind of pain in a really long time, and I’ve never experienced it during a migraine.


It still hasn’t gone away yet, I’m still extremely achy today. My back and hips especially. Perhaps I was sleeping in some weird positions, and that’s what’s causing it now…who knows. But It’s still pretty bad. All day sitting in a terrible chair at work probably hasn’t helped either…


Anyway…whining over….


In other news, I went to see the vampires today. Had a fairly decent blood draw. Only down side really was she had to dig around for the vein, and did blow thru it…but everything else went smoothly. Hopefully my numbers are looking good 🙂


As always, be assertive, proactive and persistent.