So…today is my 2nd migraine in a month. It is pretty darn miserable, not going to lie. I couldn’t see for the better part of an hour due to the charming visual aura that’s been in my head…which, incidentally looks something like this: ImageI drew that when I was 18, and just out of surgery for my hip…so pain killers were involved…but this is a pretty accurate depiction of what my visual auras look like when I’m getting a migraine. Picture it flickering and taking over half of your vision at a time, and completely taking away your peripheral vision, and that’s pretty much it. 


Then when that’s done, the pain starts. At least for me. 

Thankfully I go to the oncologist tomorrow. I’ll see if he has any brilliant suggestions.


Also…while I’m writing, I might as well tell you that lately my counts have been wonky. As in pretty low white count (2.2 wbc, ABN 1366 etc) and slightly anemic. On the plus side…my platelets are  within range for the first time in…..I don’t know…YEARS? That’s pretty cool. The low white count is not so cool…but we’ll see tomorrow where we are when we go to the doc, and I’ll let you know what’s happening 🙂


As always, be your own advocate and be persistent. If you don’t take care of yourself, no one will!





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