Dose Numer Two

Dose Two, Day Of

This entry is going to be a photo-blog of sorts…I tried to get some decent pictures as I went along.

Here’s the lovely box o’ drugs

Prepare the medicinal mise en place…..

Draw out 0.7mL of dilutant 

Inject the dilutant into the bottle of concentrate. (this picture didn’t turn out so well LOL….sorry!)

Find the place on your bod you’d like to inject, I chose my tummy. Of course you need to make sure and clean the spot you’re going to use with the alcohol swab.

I did my dose at around 5:30cst, and I am starting to get the headache I remember from last time…this is about how it started. Headach starts it off, then the body aches and chills…we shall see how it goes today.

I will update again tomorrow 🙂


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