Persistence pays off!!

I had no idea that I’d be writing this post so soon after my last one…but I am extremely glad that I can!!!

I received a call today from the assistance program provided by the drug company, that they had my application and were reviewing it, and in a few days I’d be getting a call back to finalize it and see if I would be approved. I was a little bummed that I’d have to wait a few more days…However, 4 hours later I received a second call saying that it WAS approved and that the medication would be at my door by Friday…as in two days from today…as in HOLY CR@P… my mouthy/pushy/assertive(read occasionally somewhat bitchy) attitude paid off!!!

I always tell you to be proactive, and assertive and participate in your own health care because you are your best advocate. Recently though I was even beginning to doubt my own theory. I have been feeling frustrated and hopeless about the situation.

Then it hit me. I’m too obnoxious/pushy to let this get at me. So, after TONS of phone calls, a somewhat scathing e-mail to administration at the hospital where I receive treatment, recruiting my insurance rep into the situation, etc…I finally got the result I was hoping for.

So again I will say to you, be persistent, be bossy, be assertive. Do not be bullied out of doing something that you feel is right for you. You have every right to be an active part of your treatment, and no one, not even your doctor, has the right to tell you that you CAN’T try something that will help you. Obviously you need to take their knowledge into account, but their personal opinion of a medication/treatment option should have little to no bearing on your course of treatment. If there is enough evidence that the method is effective/beneficial, pursue it as strongly as you possibly can. Do not be swayed, do not give up. Yes it is hard, yes it takes time, in my case it has taken almost four months, sometimes it can be longer. But believe me when I tell you the feeling I have right now, winning, succeeding, feels really good. So good in fact…that I think the bottle of champagne that is in my fridge right now will be opened soon. 🙂 It is time to celebrate

I will leave you with the usual message…be assertive, be persistent, be strong.


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