Happy Friday!!!

Hello again all, I have been remiss in my blogging, and for that I apologize. I indend to blog DAILY for the next 30 days though…(lofty goal for one who couldn’t even manage WEEKLY, eh? But I’ll try!! :-p)

SO, Friday is a wonderful day for most. Means the end of the work or school week and the beginning of the weekend. Huzzah! Well, it means that to me as well, but it ALSO means it’s PegIntron night. Every Friday night when I get home, after changing out of my work clothes, petting my dog, and getting a hug from my husband, I get my trusty little box-o-meds and off we go. So that will be my evening…I will write a new blog tomorrow, and I should have my next entry for my “What Is” Series next week Friday. Up next: “What IS MF?”

Happy Weekend, All!