I had an appointment today with my hem/onc. The blood counts look good, Platelets 699K (which for me is pretty darn grerat. Typically they are twice as high 🙂 )

I would love to continue on with how awesome my blood counts are currently….but I am distracted by something at the moment. I feel extremely vindicated today. I was told that the medication I am on (you know the one….the one my doc refused to let me use for months, the one I had to fight and scratch and beg to get prescribed….) is working far better than he ever thought it would. I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear and say that I was glad to hear it. Inside I was gloating a little bit…..

He is even talking about putting it into use with some of his other patients. So…here’s my favorite line again, everybody…Do not take no for an answer. Fight for what you want in life. Be it in your love life, your social life, or your medical treatment.

Never give in. Always fight.

That’s all for now 🙂


The Prodigal Blogger Returns!

After a brief hiatus from posting, I am back 🙂

This will be a quick post, but I promise to extend it tonight when I get home.

As far as my ET….lately it has been kicking my behind. I am exhausted all the time, bruising easily, the pain my side (spleen) is getting steadily more constant, and I am getting discouraged with the PegIntron now.

For now I am off to work some more, but I will update this later.